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List of AI initiatives in China

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Please cite as: OECD.AI (2021), powered by EC/OECD (2021), database of national AI policies, accessed on 27/09/2021,

Policy instruments by category

Gove...AI e...Guid...National str...Public consu...Networking a...Science and ...Emerging AI-...

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Policy instruments by number & budget

Don't knowNot applic...National strategies, agendas and plansPublic consultations of stakeholders or expertsNetworking and collaborative platformsScience and innovation challenges, prizes and awardsEmerging AI-related regulation

Responsible organisations

Minister of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT;???)

Minister of Industry and Informat...

Initiatives: 2

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST;?????)

Ministry of Science and Technolog...

Initiatives: 2

Ministry of Transport (MOT;????????????)

Ministry of Transport (MOT;??????...

Initiatives: 1

The State Council for the People’s Republic of China (???)

The State Council for the People’...

Initiatives: 1

Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China (MOE;???)

Ministry of Education of the Peop...

Initiatives: 1

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC;???????)

National Development and Reform C...

Initiatives: 1

National New Generation AI Promotion Office

National New Generation AI Promot...

Initiatives: 1

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI;????????)

Chinese Association for Artificia...

Initiatives: 1

Groups targeted by the policy initiatives

Don'...Not a...Budget RangesEconomic actors (ind...Firms by ageFirms by sizeGovernmental entitiesResearch and educati...Researchers, student...Social groups especi...

Budget ranges

Don't know

Don't know

Initiatives: 7

Not applicable

Not applicable

Initiatives: 3

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