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Emilia Gómez

Lead Scientist, Human behaviour and machine intelligence  - European Commission DG Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Working groupClassification & risk
PositionLead Scientist, Human behaviour and machine intelligence 
Stakeholder TypeIntergovernmental

Emilia Gómez (Telecommunication Engineer, PhD in Computer Science) leads the Human Behaviour and Machine Intelligence (HUMAINT) programme at the Centre for Advanced Studies, Joint Research Centre, EC. This programme contributes to the AI WATCH initiative of the EC to monitor the advancements, uptake and impact of AI in Europe. She is also a professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Along her research career, Emilia Gómez has developed data-driven algorithms to support music listening and creativity. Starting from music, she researchers on the social, cultural and ethical impact of AI systems and related aspects such as diversity, fairness and trust.

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The OECD Al Systems Classification Framework

The OECD Al Systems Classification Framework

February 6, 2021clock90 mins

The OECD’s Network of Experts on AI developed a user-friendly framework to classify AI systems. It provides a structure for assessing and classifying AI systems according to their impact on public policy following the OECD AI Principles. This session discusses the four dimensions of the draft OECD AI Systems Classification Framework, illustrates the usefulness of the framework using concrete AI systems as examples, and seeks feedback and comments to support finalisation of the framework. Aclassification framework to understand the labour market impact will also be introduced.

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