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Jibu Elias

Research & Content Head - INDIAai

Working groupExpert Group on AI risk and accountability
Stakeholder TypeGovernment
ONE AI Member

Jibu Elias is an AI Ethicist and the leading expert on India’s AI ecosystem. Jibu is the Chief Architect and Research & Content Head of INDIAai -The National AI Portal of Govt of India. He also serves as a Senior AI Researcher with NASSCOM, the premier trade body and chamber of commerce of the Tech industry in India. Coming from years of experience in covering emerging technologies with PC Mag and Times of India Group, Jibu’s work focuses on building an unified AI ecosystem in India. He is one of the founding Editorial Board Members of Springer’s AI and Ethics Journal, the first multidisciplinary academic journal of its kind, and an alumnus of The London School of Economics, where he studied International Relations specializing in Sino-India relations.

Jibu Elias's videos

AI for All: How India is carving its own path in the global AI race

AI for All: How India is carving its own path in the global AI race

January 30, 2023clock3:55

India began its AI journey with social empowerment and inclusion at the core. AI can solve numerous age-old problems that have plagued the country for decades. India consciously focused on inclusion and empowerment with a programme called “AI for All”.

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