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Wim Naudé

Professor in Economics - RWTH Aachen University

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Wim Naudé is Visiting Professor at RWTH Aachen University, Germany and ASC Fellow, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. His work broadly deals with the meta-problem of the 21st century: the stagnation in innovation and entrepreneurship. One of the solutions to this stagnation may lie in the utilizing of AI-systems as innovation in the methods of innovation (IMIs).  To harness AI as an innovation-in-innovation however, we need to understand better four dimensions of the economics of artificial intelligence:  : i) the economic value of AI, in particular the consequences of AI for growth and development and how this is modelled in economics; ii) the diffusion of AI, and how low benefits and high barriers slows down the diffusion of human-centered AI;  (iii) the use of novel innovation policy tools, such as public procurement of innovation, to incentivize ethical and responsible AI, and avoid AI arms races; and the (iv) economics of the Singularity and the existential risks it poses.

Expert interview on AI and the labour market

At the video section of AI-WIPS Labour Market page, Wim talks about the AI “hype”, the ongoing barriers to AI diffusion, and how public procurement may be used to promote the faster diffusion of more ethical, human-centred AI. See also the following materials for reference:

Wim Naudé's videos

AI and the labour market: Interview with Prof. Wim Naudé, University College Cork, Ireland

AI and the labour market: Interview with Prof. Wim Naudé, University College Cork, Ireland

January 28, 2021clock18 mins

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