OECD Working Party and Network of Experts on AI

The Working Party on Artificial Intelligence Governance oversees the OECD's work on AI policy. The OECD.AI Network of Experts provides policy, technical and business expert input to inform OECD analysis and recommendations.

Expert Group on Compute & Climate

Why focus on AI compute?

Alongside data and algorithms, AI computing capacity (“AI compute”) is a key enabler for AI and related economic growth and competitiveness (Figure 1). While data and machine learning algorithms receive significant attention in policy circles, the computational infrastructure that makes AI possible gets less. Yet understanding domestic AI compute capacity is critical for policy makers who want to formulate effective AI policies and make intelligent national AI investment choices.

Figure 1. AI Enablers

The OECD.AI Expert Group on AI Compute and Climate is helping the OECD to create a basic framework for understanding, measuring and benchmarking domestic AI computing capacity by country and region.

The expert group is working with key AI compute players and has begun a data-gathering exercise that will continue over time. In doing so, the expert group is mindful that the AI compute landscape is in a constant state of evolution.

The targeted focus of the ONE AI task force on AI compute complements the activities of the three expert groups.

Co-chairs and Members

The Expert Group on AI Compute and Climate is co-chaired by:

Participants in the expert group include policy makers and entities in charge of public computing infrastructures as well as key industry players: hardware providers; cloud service providers; original equipment manufacturers; academia engaged in AI compute; major data centre operators; major consulting firms; and other experts on computing performance.

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