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iHuman: a virtual screening of the film with Director Tonje Schei

Watch a virtual screening of the film ‘iHUMAN’ and a discussion with the film’s director Tonje Schei, Paul Nemitz Julie BrillJack Clark and the OECD’s Andrew Wyckoff and Karine Perset

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing fast. How will this powerful technology shape our future? The OECD AI Policy Observatory hosted a debate with some of the brightest minds in the sector about issues raised in a new documentary film iHUMAN.

Watch the virtual screening

Being iHUMAN How can we lead better digital lives?

AI development is hurtling forward at breakneck speed. How will we live our lives in a future transformed by this world-changing technology?

In the visionary new documentary film iHUMAN (see the movie trailer), some of the brightest minds in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry decrypt a roadmap to our future. Who is really holding the code? Join high-level experts in arts and policy for a chance to see exclusive iHUMAN film clips and enter into an interactive online discussion.

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