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AI-powered COVID-19 watch

Stay safe, stay informed: follow the latest COVID-19 developments in your country in real time with this AI-powered tool (click on your country’s name to zoom in).

OECD policy brief : Using AI to help combat COVID-19

Covid-19 open data for AI initiatives

AI technologies are being leveraged widely to help manage the Covid-19 outbreak. Several governments have issued calls for contributions from AI experts worldwide to help find solutions to the Covid-19 crisis. A selection of calls to the AI community follows.

  • The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge, launched on 16 March 2020 by the U.S. Government in partnership with academic and industry organisations. The challenge makes available over 29,000 academic research articles for COVID-19 and coronavirus. It calls on AI experts worldwide to apply AI text and data mining tools to this wealth of knowledge to help the medical community answer questions on the history, transmission, and diagnostics for the virus, management measures, lessons from previous epidemiological studies, and more.
  • The AI-ROBOTICS vs COVID-19 initiative of the European AI Alliance, launched by the European Commission, collects ideas on deployable AI and robotics solutions that could help COVID-19 prevention, diagnosis or treatment, as well and information on other initiatives on the role of technology and AI in helping in the current crisis. The initiative creates solutions and initiatives repositories that are accessible by citizens, stakeholders and policymakers and could be part of the common European response to COVID-19 outbreak.
  • The “CoronaHack – AI vs. Covid-19” by the UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), a government-funded body that promotes links between universities and companies. The Hackathon calls on businesses, data scientists and biomedical researchers in the UK and beyond to share ideas on how to apply AI to control and manage the COVID-19 pandemic, from providing intensive care and rapid training and education of healthcare personnel, to supporting people who are self-isolating or working from home.
  • OECD monitor of science and innovation policy responses to the Covid-19 crisis