Catalogue of Tools & Metrics for Trustworthy AI

This page contains the disclosures related to the Catalogue of Tools & Metrics for Trustworthy AI.

Information Transparency Disclosures

Background. Your use of the Catalogue of Tools & Metrics for Trustworthy AI (hereafter “catalogue”) is subject to the terms and conditions found at The following disclosures do not modify or supersede those terms. Instead, these disclosures aim to provide greater transparency surrounding user-submitted information included in the catalogue.

Third-Party Information. The catalogue serves as a platform for users across the world to share and compare tools and metrics that may aid in the implementation of the concepts embodied by the OECD AI Principles. As a result, please be aware that the catalogue is largely populated using tools, metrics, and use cases that were submitted by various third-party AI practitioners with which the OECD or its partners have no affiliation.

  • Views Expressed. Please know that any views or opinions expressed on the catalogue are solely those of the third-party contributors that provided them and do not represent the views or opinions of the OECD or its partners. Further, the inclusion of any particular tool, metric, or use case does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the OECD or its partners.
  • Errors and Omissions. While the OECD and its partners ask that contributors verify the truth and accuracy of their contributions, the OECD and its partners cannot guarantee and do not independently verify the accuracy, completeness, or validity of third-party information provided in the catalogue. You should be aware that information relating to tools, metrics, and use cases included in the catalogue may contain various errors and omissions.

Intellectual Property. Any of the copyrights, trademarks, service marks, collective marks, design rights, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights that are mentioned, used, cited, or otherwise included in the catalogue are the property of their respective owners. Their use here does not imply that you may use them for any other purpose. The OECD and its partners are not endorsed by, do not endorse, and are not affiliated with any of the holders of such rights, and as such, the OECD and its partners cannot and do not grant any rights to use or otherwise exploit these protected materials included herein.