Catalogue of Tools & Metrics for Trustworthy AI

These tools and metrics are designed to help AI actors develop and use trustworthy AI systems and applications that respect human rights and are fair, transparent, explainable, robust, secure and safe.

European AI Scanner

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European AI Scanner offers an efficient, secure, and robust AI implementation across any business, standardizing processes and workflows across AI projects, including all elements from data ingestion, model development, one-click deployment, and model life cycle management. In summary, European AI Scanner covers the full range of value-added functionality your business needs to be EU AI Act compliant. With European AI Scanner, you have access to a comprehensive, yet seamless, solution to comply with the EU AI Act, and internal policies to documentation and report to different functions, e.g., CSR, ethical charters, and boards. European AI Scanner includes a flexible solution for firms and regulators to construct tangible metrics, such as trustworthy AI. The configurable Rules Engine and Impact Assessment module in European AI Scanner offer many additional options to guarantee compliance for other EU AI Act requirements. European AI Scanner ensures that the growing compliance for AI does not become a risk for slowing or stopping AI implementation.

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Use Cases

European AI Scanner: Ensuring Compliance with the EU Artificial Intelligence Act

European AI Scanner: Ensuring Compliance with the EU Artificial Intelligence Act

Background: In an era of rapidly advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, ensuring their responsible and ethical use has become a pressing concern. The European Union (EU) recognizes the significance of regulating AI systems to safeguard ...
Aug 14, 2023

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