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These tools and metrics are designed to help AI actors develop and use trustworthy AI systems and applications that respect human rights and are fair, transparent, explainable, robust, secure and safe.

Lumenova AI Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform

Lumenova AI Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform

What is Lumenova AI?

We, at Lumenova AI, believe in the transformative power AI can have over a myriad of domains but we also encourage and support enterprise-wide transparency and accountability by leveraging trustworthy AI.

That’s why we work hard on creating a platform that can help any company automate, simplify and streamline the end-to-end risk management process while also accelerating the adoption of AI across the entire organization.

Lumenova is an AI trust platform focused on providing any organization, no matter their industry profile, with automated processes that connect business objectives to technical assessments in order to deliver the best results.

How does Lumenova AI work?

With its library of pre-made policy frameworks, a technical evaluation engine built to assess and analyze AI models and continuous monitoring capabilities for proactive risk mitigation and business friendly insights, the Lumenova AI platform can help companies with things like:

  • Ensuring up to date compliance with existing and emerging regulations;
  • Understanding how your AI works so you can improve and optimize your models;
  • Avoiding reputational damage or possible financial loss;

What can Lumenova AI do for your company?

Lumenova AI supports enterprises in every stage of their Responsible AI journey by combining technology and consulting to deliver successful business transformation.

From healthcare centered companies to governmental or financial services providers, Lumenova AI will deliver end-to-end Responsible AI workflow support and technical expertise to empower organisations on their path to adopting trustworthy AI. ****

How can you get Lumenova AI for your company?

Lumenova meets all your Responsible AI needs with one integrated platform. We offer our clients the power of flexible deployments as a SaaS or on prem, with easy plug-in installation into existing AI programs and platforms.

For even more details, see our website.

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  • ai ethics
  • trustworthy ai
  • validation of ai model
  • ai assessment
  • ai governance
  • ai reliability
  • fairness
  • ai risk management
  • ai compliance
  • model validation
  • model monitoring
  • regulation compliance
  • explainability
  • ai guardrails

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