Catalogue of Tools & Metrics for Trustworthy AI

These tools and metrics are designed to help AI actors develop and use trustworthy AI systems and applications that respect human rights and are fair, transparent, explainable, robust, secure and safe.

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Make sure your submission is complete

Please note that the submission should be completed using full sentences and paragraphs.

Explain through examples

Each use case should explain an experience using a tool for trustworthy AI for a specific goal in a given context. Some examples include using a transparency tool for fraud prevention or a bias-mitigation tool for disease detection.

Use cases will be linked to that tool in the catalogue to serve as practical guidance.

Tell a story

Use descriptive information and contextualise the benefits and issues that made up your experience. Language should be concise, clear and engaging.

Neutrality is key

This is a collective-learning exercise for the benefit of the global AI community. Please share objective insights and good practices in an honest yet professional manner and avoid focusing on individual or organisational interests.

Please maintain a neutral tone and avoid promotional language. All statements must be objective, as appropriate for an international organisation. This approach makes the use case’s content accessible to broader, non-expert audiences.

Include rich and reusable content

The more complete the use case, the more likely it is that people will read it. We also highly recommend including rich content such as charts, graphs, hyperlinks, code and images.

Please select the tool that this use case illustrates.

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A description that provides a background and overview of the use case (maximum 1000 words - we recommend you submit at least 2-3 full paragraphs). Feel free to include images, graphs and charts to illustrate the use case as needed

Did you try other tools for this use case? If so, how does this tool compare?

More information about the use case



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