AI in Germany

This section provides resources and information on the AI landscape in Germany, such as national AI policies, blog posts, trends and data visualisations, live news and publications.

AI policies in Germany

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To implement the Federal government's national AI strategy, BMVI has drawn up the action plan "Digitalization and AI in Mobility".


Trends and data in Germany

AI research

AI research by institution

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AI software development

Contributions to public AI projects and project impact

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AI jobs and skills

AI talent concentration

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Investments in AI

VC investments in AI

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Demographics of AI professionals

Demographics of AI professionals by age

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AI search trends

Top ten search topics by country over time

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Additional resources

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The OECD Framework for the Classification of AI systems

Key dimensions structure AI system characteristics and interactions The framework classifies AI systems and applications along the following dimensions: People & Planet, Economic Context, Data & Input, AI Model and Task & Output. Each one has its own properties and attributes or sub-dimensions relevant to assessing policy considerations of particular AI systems. February 17, 2022

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