AI in the United States

This section provides resources and information on the AI landscape in the United States, such as national AI policies, blog posts, trends and data visualisations, live news and publications.

AI policies in the United States

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AI R&D IWG was formed in 2018 to co-ordinate Federal AI R&D across 32 participating agencies and to support activities tasked by both the Select Committee on AI and the Machine Learning and AI Subcommittee (MLAI-SC).


Trends and data in the United States

AI research

AI research by institution

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AI software development

Contributions to public AI projects and project impact

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AI jobs and skills

AI talent concentration

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Investments in AI

VC investments in AI

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Demographics of AI professionals

Demographics of AI professionals by age

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AI search trends

Top ten search topics by country over time

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Additional resources

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Putting the OECD AI Principles into practice: progress and future perspectives – Event summary

Session summary of this high-level panel discussion from the OECD MCM 2021 More than two years after the adoption of the OECD AI Principles, this discussion will highlight how countries are implementing policies for trustworthy, human-centric AI. The session will focus on: - Lessons learned to date implementing AI policies to steer the transformation of our economies and societies for inclusive growth and addressing global challenges. - Risk-based approaches to AI governance and soft and hard law, including the proposed EU AI Act that is triggering discussions around the world. - How to ensure that our policies and legal frameworks for AI are interoperable globally. And the priorities for international cooperation on AI moving forward.June 17, 2022

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