Start date :2022
End date :
Name of responsible governmental body :
  • Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovations (MCTI;Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovações)
Description :
  • The MCTI/EMBRAPII Network of Technologies and Digital Innovation is the largest and integrated ecosystem in Latin America, with 19 EMBRAPII Units, involving around 250 experts in Artificial Intelligence.
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  • To leverage the productive capacity and competitiveness of Brazilian companies, encouraging the use and development of frontier technology in the industrial production process, based on AI.
OECD AI principle adressed:
  • Inclusive growth, sustainable development and well-being
  • Investing in AI R&D
  • Fostering a digital ecosystem for AI
  • Providing an enabling policy environment for AI
Relevant policy area covered:
  • Agriculture
  • Competition
  • Development
  • Digital economy
  • Health
  • Industry and entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Science and technology
Related to a theme:
Estimated budget expenditure (range per year):
  • Don't know
Background including shifts in the policy initiative:
  • N.A
Policy initiative is a structural reform:
  • No
  • No
Link to evaluation or reports:
  • N.A
Public access URL:
Funding from the private sector:
  • Yes
Type of evaluation:
  • N.A
Evaluation provides input to:
  • N.A
Evaluation performed by:
  • N.A
Policy instruments :

Institutional funding for public research

  • Type : Institutional funding for public research
  • Name in English :
  • Country : Brazil
  • Public access URL :
  • Funding includes a teaching component : Yes
  • Performance-based element to the allocation : Yes
  • Criteria for funding : Commercialisation of research-generated intellectual property
  • Funding is attached to : Institutional performance contract
  • Who is providing funding? : Public private partnership
  • Funding amount allocated for an average time-period of : 4-6 years
Last updated : Sep 6, 2022
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