photo of Olly Salzmann

Olly Salzmann

Managing Director - Deloitte AI GmbH and KI Park Deutschland GbR

Olly Salzmann is a managing director of the Deloitte AI GmbH and KI Park Deutschland GbR. Olly has over 15 years of Process Bionics, eDiscovery, Applied Data Analytics and AI field experience and more than 18 years in computing and general IT. He has extensive knowledge in managing large-scale eDiscovery and complex Data Analytic projects as well as advising clients in executing on Applied AI use cases by analyzing and decoding single AI funding and founding signals in Europe to anticipate where markets are heading and business opportunities arise. In order to boost Artificial Intelligence in Germany Olly is co-founder of the “KI Park Deutschland”, an ecosystem with access to C-Level, scientists, politicians and the federal government.

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