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Pam Dixon

Founder and Executive Director - World Privacy Forum

Pam Dixon is the founder and executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a respected public interest research group and NGO. An author and researcher, she has written influential studies in the area of privacy, identity, biometrics, AI, health privacy, and other topics. Dixon has worked extensively on privacy and data governance across multiple jurisdictions, including the US, India, Africa, Asia, the EU and additional jurisdictions. Her most recent work has focused on privacy and data governance, complex data ecosystems, AI, digital health and governance,  and identity systems, including those driven by AI and machine learning. She served as a board member of the International HL7 health data standards group, and contributed meaningfully to that standard. Dixon currently serves as the co-chair of the Data for Development Workgroup at the Center for Global Development (CGD) with Oxford Professor and former Central Bank Governor of Tanzania, Benno Ndulu. In 2020, the group produced a report regarding the impact of Covid-19 on LMICs (Pisa, Dixon, Ndulu, Governing Data for Development, 2020) and most recently in 2021 an article on the urgent need to include all jurisdictions in privacy and data governance discussions (Pisa, Dixon, Ndulu, Addressing Cross-Border Spillovers in Data Policy: The need for a global approach, 2021). In 2019, Dixon served as Rapporteur for the first Roundtable of African Data Protection Authorities (RADPA), for which she produced a report regarding privacy and identity systems governance in African jurisdictions. (English version; French version ) Other work includes substantive biometrics research in India from 2010 to 2014, which formed the basis of a scholarly article of original research regarding India’s Aadhaar system policies at the time  A Failure to Do No Harm, Springer-Nature. This work was cited in the landmark 2018 Supreme Court of India Aadhaar decision. Dixon’s deeply researched report on AI and machine learning, The Scoring of America, has also been widely cited and is considered the first major privacy-focused report on AI and machine learning uses and risks. Dixon has been invited to present her work on AI and complex data ecosystems to (jointly) the National Academies of Science and the Royal Academies of Science in 2018 and most recently, she presented her newest work to the National Academies of Science in October 2020. Currently, Dixon is working with AI/ML technologists at Johns Hopkins University in a joint project regarding AI and health.

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