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Resources on AI

OECD.AI seeks to feature useful resources on AI. We are planning to add materials to help policy makers understand what is AI and its policy implications.

List of OECD resources

Artificial Intelligence in Society
The OECD published “AI in Society” in June 2019. Chapter 1 of this book provides a historical overview of AI’s evolution as well as description of AI systems and their lifecycle. It also proposes a research taxonomy to help policy makers understand AI trends and identify policy issues.

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Scoping the OECD AI principles
This document presents the work conducted by the expert group on AI at the OECD (AIGO) to scope principles to foster trust in and adoption of AI. It presents a common understanding of what is an AI system as well as a framework that details the stages of the AI system lifecycle.

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AI terms & concepts

An AI system is a machine-based system that can, for a given set of human-defined objectives, make predictions, recommendations, or decisions influencing real or virtual environments. AI systems are designed to operate with varying levels of autonomy.

Other AI observatories and repositories

This section provides examples of “observatories” developed through policy initiatives. Similar to the OECD.AI, they plan to monitor the development of AI technology, support the AI distribution and enhance public discussions at different level.

List of Non OECD resources

Elements of AI
A series of free online courses created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. The site helps teach what AI is, what AI can and cannot do, and how to start creating AI methods. The courses combine theory with practical exercises and can be completed at one’s own pace.

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VideoLectures.NET is a free and open access educational video lectures repository hosted at Jozef Stefan Institute in Slovenia. It provides video lectures on artificial intelligence. The lectures are given by distinguished scholars and scientists at important events such as conferences and workshops.

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Coursera offers online courses from the universities in the world. The courses cover a variety of fields and the link provides a selection of courses on Artificial Intelligence.

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AI Policy Sourcebook
The EPIC AI Policy Sourcebook is the first compendium of AI policy, providing essential information to policy makers, researchers, journalists, and the public. It includes resources section on AI, such as reports, articles, and books from around the world.

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Please contact us to suggest the inclusion of additional educational materials or other relevant resources.