Catalogue of Tools & Metrics for Trustworthy AI

These tools and metrics are designed to help AI actors develop and use trustworthy AI systems and applications that respect human rights and are fair, transparent, explainable, robust, secure and safe.

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A metric aims to leverage a tool for trustworthy AI to achieve a specific goal in a specific context (e.g. using transparency tools for fraud prevention, bias-mitigation tools for disease detection, etc.)

A description that provides an overview of the use case (maximum 1000 words). Feel free to include images, graphs and charts to illustrate the use case as needed.

Metric resource and links

At least one of the following fields is required: Link to the metric's website, Github repository of the metric, Hugging Face repository, or the main reference.

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After you click on 'Submit', the OECD Secretariat will review your submission. 

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