Catalogue of Tools & Metrics for Trustworthy AI

These tools and metrics are designed to help AI actors develop and use trustworthy AI systems and applications that respect human rights and are fair, transparent, explainable, robust, secure and safe.

Microsoft InterpretML

Microsoft InterpretML

Why InterpretML?

Model Interpretability

Model interpretability helps developers, data scientists and business stakeholders in the organization gain a comprehensive understanding of their machine learning models. It can also be used to debug models, explain predictions and enable auditing to meet compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ease of use

Access state-of-the-art interpretability techniques through an open unified API set and rich visualizations.

Flexible and customizable

Understand models using a wide range of explainers and techniques using interactive visuals. Choose your algorithm and easily experiment with combinations of algorithms.

Comprehensive capabilities

Explore model attributes such as performance, global and local features and compare multiple models simultaneously. Run what-if analysis as you manipulate data and view the impact on the model.

Types of Models Supported

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