photo of Andrejs Vasiljevs

Andrejs Vasiljevs

Co-founder and Executive Chairman - Tilde

Working groupExpert Group on AI Risk & Accountability
Working groupExpert Group on AI Incidents
Stakeholder TypeBusiness
ONE AI Observer

Mr Andrejs VASILJEVS is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of a leading European language technology company Tilde specializing in machine translation and other AI-based technologies for complex languages. He drives innovation and fosters large scale industry and academia collaboration to advance multilingual solutions for digital Europe. Andrejs is a board member of the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance META-NET, the language technology industry platform LT-Innovate and the Big Data Value Association. Andrejs has received a Ph.D. in Comp.Sc. from the University of Latvia and has authored more than 60 research papers. He is also an Honorary Doctor of the Academy of Sciences of Latvia.

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