photo of Charalambos Tsekeris

Charalambos Tsekeris

Senior Research Fellow - Greek National Centre for Social Research

Working groupExpert Group on AI Futures
ONE AI Member

Charalambos Tsekeris is a Senior Research Fellow in Digital Sociology at the Institute of Social Research, Greek National Centre for Social Research, Athens, Greece.

He is also Vice-President and Interim President of the Greek National Commission for Bioethics & Technoethics; Full Member of the Greek National Commission for Human Rights; and Member of the Greek Prime Minister’s High-Level Advisory Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

Charalambos has been External Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich); Visiting Professor at the University of Athens; Academic Associate at the Academy of Athens; Principal Investigator and Coordinator of the World Internet Project-Greece; Professor Extraordinary at the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University; and Academic Associate at the Anti-Corruption Centre for Education and Research, Stellenbosch University.

His current academic research involves the transformation of the internet, Futures Studies on AI, and ethical foresight approaches to disruptive technologies. Charalambos has recently published extensive foresight studies on Greece’s GenAI futures, as well as on the impact of the twin digital and green transition on the future of work.


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