photo of Cyrus Hodes

Cyrus Hodes

Co-Founder - AIGC Chain

Working groupExpert Group on Compute & Climate
Stakeholder TypeCivil society
Former ONE AI participant
AI Wonk contributor

Cyrus is a co-founder of AIGC Chain, (the first foundation model of AI generated content on a blockchain, with a responsible AI focus), the co-founder of Stability AI (exited) and a co-founder of Duckweed Bio, a Florida Agtech/Climate Tech venture. He is a Contributor to, a web3 P2P ML cloud computing platform. Member of the Steering Committee of AI Commons (Responsible AI Lead). Cyrus was a Partner at FoundersX Ventures, a cross-stage Silicon Valley VC, and the co-founder of the AI Initiative of The Future Society, where he led global governance of AI projects such as the Global Data Access Framework. He served as Advisor to the UAE Minister of Artificial Intelligence where he convened for 2 years the Global Governance of AI Roundtable at the World Government Summit. He is part Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) AI for climate action & biodiversity as well as the Agro Committee. Educated at Sciences Po Paris, MA (Hons) Paris II University, M.P.A. Harvard.

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