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Ferenc Kása

Datamarket Projectleader at AI Coalition of Hungary, Head of AI Department at Digital Success Program of Hungary -

PositionDatamarket Projectleader at AI Coalition of Hungary, Head of AI Department at Digital Success Program of Hungary

Kása Ferenc is the head of department for Artificial Intelligence at the Digital Success
Programme of Hungary. The Department for AI is responsible for the operative tasks of the AI
Coalition of Hungary which consist of 312 members from both the public and private sector as
well as research institutions, universities. The AI Coalition of Hungary serves as an umbrella
organization for professionals and experts, functions in 6 major working groups and under the
coordination of the AI Division was responsible for drafting the National AI Strategy of Hungary.
The Division for AI operates the AI Innovation Center and is responsible for implementing the
National AI Strategy.

Ferenc has nearly 10 years of professional experience as a legal expert in the fields of
corporate law, EU law, data protection and commercial law, and over 4 years of experience as
an expert for the legal and ethical aspects of AI and Robotics. He was the project leader of the
Datamarket and Cloud Center Action group in 2019 and coordinated the framework concept
development for datasharing and application development from a technical and legal aspect
while co-drafting the National AI Action plan in October 2019 for Hungary. Active cooperation
and drafting the National AI Strategy for Hungary, co-drafting the Data Economy, infrastructure
and marketplaces chapters. He is also responsible for International relations management and
establishment in regard of AI related topics within the EU and overseas, mainly focusing on the
data economy, participation in the workflow of relevant AI related organizations, representing
the interests of the AI Coalition.

Education & Credentials

  • CIPP/E – International Association of Privacy Professionals 2018
  • Attorney’s BAR Exam – Hungary 2018
  • Cand. Iur. LL.M., University of Copenhagen – Faculty of Law 2017
  • Dr. (JD), Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church, Budapest 2011

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