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Marc Rotenberg

Director - Center for AI and Digital Policy

Marc Rotenberg is Director of the newly established Center for AI and Digital Policy of the Michael Dukakis Institute. In 2020, the CAIDP published Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values, the first assessment of national AI policies and practices. The CAIDP report rated and ranked 30 countries based, in part, on endorsement and implementation of the OECD AI Principles. In 2021 CAIDP will work to promote The Social Contract for the Age of AI and an International Accord on AI. Marc helped launched global campaigns to limit face surveillance, to promote algorithmic transparency, and to establish the Universal Guidelines for AI, a human rights framework for the regulation of AI. He served on the OECD AI Group of experts and is the editor of the AI Policy Sourcebook (2020), the first reference book on AI policy. Marc is also a founding board member and former chair of the Public Interest Registry, the organization established to manage the .ORG domain. In 2020, Marc worked with many advocates and civil society groups to ensure that the .ORG remained under the control of a non-profit corporation committed to serve the public interest. Marc Rotenberg is a professor at Georgetown Law where he teaches GDPR and emerging privacy issues. His recent article Schrems II, from Snowden to China: Toward a New Alignment on Transatlantic Data Protection (European Law Journal 2020) explores opportunities for an EU-US data protection agreement. His forthcoming article Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Algorithmic Transparency examines the legal basis for AI accountability (Cambridge Handbook of Life Science 2021). For Communications of the ACM, he recently discussed the methodology for the AI and Democratic Values report. Marc is the co-author of three textbooks on privacy law and the editor of the Privacy Law Sourcebook (2020). He is a graduate of Harvard College, Stanford Law, and Georgetown law.

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AI in our Futures: Stakeholder perspectives

AI in our Futures: Stakeholder perspectives

February 6, 2021clock60 mins

As artificial intelligence reshapes our futures, what do OECD’s stakeholders consider to be the opportunities and challenges for work, innovation, productivity and skills? In this roundtable session, representatives from business (Business at OECD), labour (TUAC), civil society (CSISAC) and the technical community (ITAC) will share their views and offer insights from their communities on the evidence gaps and policy priorities where the OECD can advance the debate.

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