photo of Martina Maláková

Martina Maláková

Managing Director - ELECTRIK

PositionManaging Director

Since 2013, I have involved myself very strongly with the societal changes related to the digital transformation of our world. In particular, I am active in organizations such as Business at OECD (BIAC) – (as part of the Digital Economy Policy Committee and Education Committee), BUSINESS EUROPE (part of the Digital Economy Task Force and Internal Market Committee), Rule of Law in Slovakia and as a co-founder and president for the Industry Innovation Cluster. In addition, I have been Managing Director of a small/medium sized enterprise, ELECTRIK, for the last 18 years. Consequently, I am familiar with the implementation of new regulations within such smaller organizations. In summary, at national and international level I have combined an active involvement in the fields described above, all of which have a strong focus on impact created both in society and for the economy.

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