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Mike Linksvayer

Policy director - GitHub

Mike Linksvayer is Head of Developer Policy at GitHub, leading the company’s efforts to advocate for developers globally, including by helping policymakers understand and leverage open innovation. Previously Mike led open source compliance at GitHub. Mike has worked in the “open” space for two decades, including as a volunteer director of Software Freedom Conservancy and previously as VP and CTO of Creative Commons.

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Data highlight: Using live data on Al jobs and skills

Data highlight: Using live data on Al jobs and skills

February 6, 2021clock30 mins

As AI diffusion and adoption evolve apace, timely data on AI jobs and skills can help inform policy. The OECD will launch a set of new indicators and interactive visualisations showing demand for AI jobs and skills by country, AI skills penetration and migration, women in AI R&D, AI software development skills and more. This session will feature a short demonstration of new interactive datasets available on the OECD’s AI Policy Observatory (OECD.AI), followed by an exchange with OECD.AI data partners.

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