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Valerio De Stefano

BOF-ZAP Research Professor of Labour Law - University of Leuven

Stakeholder TypeAcademia
Former ONE AI participant

Valerio De Stefano is the BOF-ZAP Research Professor of Labour Law at the Institute for Labour Law of the University of Leuven. His research focuses on Artificial Intelligence, People Analytics and the workplace and platform-based work in the gig-economy. In 2011, he was awarded a PhD in Law of Business and Commerce from Bocconi University (Milan). From 2014 to 2017, he was an officer of the International Labour Organisation. He recently edited a special issue on AI at work for the Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal. He has been consultant for the ILO, several EU institutions, and national governments.

Valerio De Stefano's videos

Ethics of AI in the workplace

Ethics of AI in the workplace

February 6, 2021clock60 mins

What are the main ethical issues raised by the use of AI in the workplace? What tools can be used to make sure that humans are put first – and human centred values respected – when AI is used in the workplace? What safeguards should be considered to ensure transparency, explainability, safety and accountability? This are some of the questions that panellists will be called to discuss. The panel discussion will be followed by Q&A.

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