Start date :2020
End date :
Name of responsible governmental body :
  • Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (MCTCI;Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología, Conocimiento e Innovación)
  • Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism (MINECON;Ministerio de Economía, Fomento y Turismo)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS;Amazon Web Services)
  • University Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI;Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez)
Description :
  • Public-private academic foundation aiming to manage the complexity of global value datasets to make them widely available and easier to work with, enabling their use by industry, government, academia, and society to create value in a very broad sense, from talent formation and big data capacity building to training ML algorithms.
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  • The DO’s vision is to be at the forefront of data-centric innovation, leading the production of data-centric, talent and social capital solutions. This translates into the mission of acquiring, processing, and storing data sets generated by public or private organizations and which, due to their volume, nature and complexity, require curation, exploration, visualization, and analysis capacity that facilitate the availability of said data. for the development of science, technology, innovation, knowledge and its applications in the economy.
  • To generate, acquire, store, collect, cure, systematize, analyse, process, explore and make data of astronomical origin or another similar source available, in areas such as climate change, seismology activity, the availability of water resources and other activity relevant to the country and its development.
  • To create knowledge, databases, algorithms, technology and solutions related to the aforementioned activities.
  • To generate instances of education, talent development, algorithm training and new technologies, being able for these purposes to form alliances or to celebrate agreements or agreements with other foundations, educational, governmental, non-governmental entities, scientific societies, natural persons, or any other public entity or private, for the development of projects or instances related to astronomy, astroinformatics and data analysis of any nature or industry.
OECD AI principle adressed:
  • Inclusive growth, sustainable development and well-being
  • Fostering a digital ecosystem for AI
  • Building human capacity and preparing for labour market transition
Relevant policy area covered:
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Science and technology
Related to a theme:
Estimated budget expenditure (range per year):
  • 1M-5M
Background including shifts in the policy initiative:
  • Chile is generating data thanks to the scientific work carried out in the country (i.e. astronomy and Earth observation). The Data Observatory seeks to democratise open access to the data and knowledge generated from these areas of research. To make this data available from anywhere, Chile is working with technology from the cloud. Through the availability of data, the country aims to maximise the benefit that can be obtained from it for science, research and productive development. At the same time, by making the data available, Chile aims to contribute to the generation of skills and talent to find new uses for them and the algorithms derived from them. Collaborative work is essential to tackle different projects that seek answers to various problems and that bring together the talent and capabilities of numerous sectors.
Policy initiative is a structural reform:
  • No
  • No
Link to evaluation or reports:
  • N.A
Funding from the private sector:
  • No
Type of evaluation:
  • N.A
Evaluation provides input to:
  • N.A
Evaluation performed by:
  • N.A
Policy instruments :

Networking and collaborative platforms

  • Type : Networking and collaborative platforms
  • Name in English :
  • Country : Chile
  • Focus : Technology-oriented | Education-oriented | Addressing social or environmental challenges
  • Share of the platform's funding coming from the private sector (as a % of total funding) : 51-75%
  • Exchanges take place via : Mobility of personnel, researchers or students
  • Objective(s) : Other
  • - Other : Technological education
  • Ownership of IP stemming from science-industry research : Some IP owned exclusively by the public sector | Some IP owned exclusively by the private sector | Some IP co-owned between public and private actors
Last updated : Sep 9, 2022
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