Strategi Nasional Kecerdasan Artifisial

Start date :2020
End date :
Name of responsible governmental body :
  • Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency (RISTEK-BRIN;Kementerian Riset dan Teknologi / Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional Republik Indonesia)
Description :
  • Indonesia's National AI Strategy from 2020 to 2045, now known as Stranas KA (Strategi Nasional Kecerdasan Artifisial), has been published.
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  • To transform Indonesia into an innovation-based country.
  • To encourage AI research and industrial innovation.
  • To improve data and data-related infrastructure.
  • To establish ethical and relevant policies.
  • To develop AI-related talents in the population.
OECD AI principle adressed:
  • Human-centred values and fairness
  • Transparency and explainability
  • Accountability
  • Investing in AI R&D
  • Fostering a digital ecosystem for AI
  • Providing an enabling policy environment for AI
  • Building human capacity and preparing for labour market transition
  • International co-operation for trustworthy AI
Relevant policy area covered:
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Public governance
  • Science and technology
  • Transport
Related to a theme:
Estimated budget expenditure (range per year):
  • Not applicable
Background including shifts in the policy initiative:
  • Within Indonesia's National AI Strategy, the Indonesian government outlined five sectors of focus: AI, Internet of Things (IoT), advanced robotics, augmented reality and 3D printing.

    The Strategy also aims to support five national priorities:
    • Health services
    • Bureaucratic reform
    • Education and research
    • Food security
    • Mobility and smart cities

    The Strategy identifies four key focus areas:
    • Ethics and Policy
    • Talent Development
    • Infrastructure and Data
    • Industrial Research and Innovation

    Overall, the Strategy document identifies 186 programmes, all of which highlight aims to develop plans, pilot schemes, policies, regulations and monitoring activities to drive the overall strategy.
Policy initiative is a structural reform:
  • No
  • No
Link to evaluation or reports:
  • N.A
Funding from the private sector:
  • No
Type of evaluation:
  • N.A
Evaluation provides input to:
  • N.A
Evaluation performed by:
  • N.A
Policy instruments :

National strategies, agendas and plans

  • Type : National strategies, agendas and plans
  • Name in English :
  • Country : Indonesia
  • Strategy mainly prioritises : Education and skills | Connectivity and digitalisation
  • Societal challenge(s) emphasised : Health | Food security | Other

Public consultations of stakeholders or experts

  • Type : Public consultations of stakeholders or experts
  • Name in English :
  • Description : A wide variety of public and private sector organisations (including government ministries, universities, industry associations and national telecom providers) contributed to the strategy.
  • Country : Indonesia
  • Stakeholders contribute to : Policy implementation | Policy design | Policy objective formulation
Last updated : Sep 6, 2022
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