Start date :2014
End date :
Name of responsible governmental body :
  • Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants (DAIEG;Styrelsen for Institutioner og Uddannelsesstøtte)
Description :
  • Innovation Fund Denmark is the main public fund for soft financing of research and innovation projects among private companies and public knowledge institutions. The aim is to support the development of knowledge and technology, including advanced technology, in order to strengthen research and innovative solutions that benefit growth and employment in Denmark. Furthermore the fund also invest in research and development projects focused on solving societal problems

    The fund manages different programmes supporting technology and innovation, strategic research, knowledge based entreprenourship and internationalization of danish research.
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  • Technology and Innovation:
    -InnoBooster is support for innovative R&D projects in SMEs.
  • Strategic Research:
    -Grand solution projects is large collaboration projects between public and private actors focused on solving societal problems.
    -Talents is support of industrial PhD and PostDoc projects.
  • Knowledge based entreprenourship:
    -InnoExplorer is support for proof-of-concept for experienced researchers.
    -InnoFounder is support for student and reserachers with entreprenurial.
  • Internationalization:
    -EUROSTARS, ERANET, EUREKA and other bilateral agreements.
OECD AI principle adressed:
  • Investing in AI R&D
Relevant policy area covered:
  • Innovation
  • Science and technology
Related to a theme:
Estimated budget expenditure (range per year):
  • 100M-500M
Background including shifts in the policy initiative:
  • Innovation Fund Denmark was established in 2014 as part of the Danish innovation strategy from 2012 "Denmark - The country of solutions". The establishment of the fund followed a recommendation from an ERAC-peer review of the Danish research and innovation system to simplify the funding system by merging three former funding bodies; the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation, the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation, and the Danish Council for Strategic Research.
Policy initiative is a structural reform:
  • No
  • Yes
Funding from the private sector:
  • No
Type of evaluation:
  • N.A
Evaluation provides input to:
  • N.A
Evaluation performed by:
  • N.A
Policy instruments :

Grants for business R&D and innovation

  • Type : Grants for business R&D and innovation
  • Name in English : Innobooster, Grand Solutions, Talent
  • Country : Denmark
  • Maximum grant duration : More than 36 months
  • Maximum amount of grant awarded in euros : More than 1M
  • Type of activity : Applied research | Experimental development
  • Requires a form of collaboration : With higher education institutes or public research institutes | With industry partners
  • Selection criteria : Feasibility of project | Anticipated return on investment | Societal impact anticipated | Alignment with national strategic priorities (e.g. targeted business sectors and technologies)
  • Contribution (e.g. matching funds) required from beneficiary : Yes
Last updated : Sep 5, 2022
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