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This events calendar features events related to AI that the OECD is participating in or organising. It also lists past AI policy events.

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Non-OECD Eventvirtual

Advancing Implementation of the OECD AI Principles Across Sectors

From Apr 26, 2023 to Apr 26, 2023 EST Organizer: USCIB, Business at OECD

The U.S. Council for International Business (USCIB) is pleased to launch The Joseph H. Alhadeff Digital Economy Roundtable Series, which will be held as a virtual event on April 26, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT. This joint initiative of USCIB, Business at OECD (BIAC), and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will address “Advancing Implementation of the OECD AI Principles Across Sectors.”


This Roundtable will consider the AI business use cases of such companies as IKEA, LEGO, and Walmart, which represent the wave of future use of AI. We will consider not only how these companies are deploying AI to improve the delivery of their products and services but also the challenges they may face in determining whether their AI use comports with the emerging plethora of frameworks aimed at keeping AI trustworthy and assessing its potential risks. Leading AI innovators, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, GSMA, and RELX, have been invited to offer insights on the way forward.

Non-OECD Eventphysical| closed to the public

Operationalizing AI policies for Innovation: Moving from Principles to Practice

From Apr 24, 2023 to Apr 25, 2023 GMT Organizer: Club de Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Club de Madrid has been working on the implications of AI for democracy and multilateralism since 2018. AI has become an object and driver of international cooperation, but also of competition, shaping a global landscape in different and different ways. unexpected. With a plurality of approaches emerging, CoM and AWS consider it crucial to ensure that this does not result in a fragmented landscape and missed opportunities for cooperation between democratic countries. For this reason, this Conference on Public AI Policies will focus on generating an exchange of information and learning between representatives of the academic sector, civil and business society, parliamentarians, senators and Spanish MEPs to, through multisectoral dialogue, explore how policies public and regulation in this field can be improved, harmonizing the positions of developers, implementers and users of these technologies.

OECD Eventvirtual

Third Global Conference on AI and work, innovation, productivity and skills

From Mar 27, 2023 to Mar 30, 2023 CET Organizer: OECD

OECD Eventhybrid| closed to the public

4th edition of The Global Forum on Digital Security for Prosperity

From Mar 13, 2023 to Mar 14, 2023 CET Organizer: OECD, Japan
OECD Conference Centre, Paris
The Global Forum will hold its fourth event at OECD headquarters in Paris on 13-14 March. This year’s theme is Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. It will focus the discussions on three key areas:

  1. Theme 1: As policymakers move to implement security policies, how can we ease the implementation of better practice across the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  2. Theme 2: How can a ‘secure by design’ approach be embedded within Artificial Intelligence policies?
  3. Theme 3: How can we better promote collaboration between the technical and policy making communities to address future security challenges within new and emerging technologies?

Participation is by invitation only.

Non-OECD Eventvirtual

AI [Tomorrow Summit]

From Feb 10, 2023 to Feb 11, 2023 EET Organizer: The Artificial Intelligence Policies Association (AIPA)

We invite you to participate in heated discussions on artificial intelligence, listen to success stories, access corporate solutions and research data that has not yet come to light, share information and create an artificial intelligence network at 2. AI [Tomorrow Summit].

For the first time in Turkey, AI [Tomorrow Summit], in which artificial intelligence-focused studies will also be rewarded, will be broadcast online and live to the public on social media platforms.

The artificial intelligence says “We’re Running to the Future” and we welcome everyone to the 2nd AI [Tomorrow Summit].

OECD Eventphysical| closed to the public

The OECD Digital Ministerial Meeting 2022

From Dec 13, 2022 to Dec 15, 2022 GMT Organizer: Government of Spain, OECD
Gran Canaria, Spain

Meeting at Ministerial level of the OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy (CDEP)
The meeting will address the broad theme of “Driving long-term recovery and economic growth by building a trusted, sustainable, and inclusive digital future”.

Non-OECD Eventhybrid| closed to the public

The Athens Roundtable on AI and the Rule of Law

From Dec 1, 2022 to Dec 2, 2022 EET Organizer: The Future Society, the European Law Observatory on New Technologies (ELONtech)
Virtual and in-person at the European Parliament in Brussels

The fourth edition of The Athens Roundtable is organized by The Future Society and the European Law Observatory on New Technologies (ELONtech) in partnership with the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation.

Proudly, it is co-hosted by the European Parliament, UNESCO, OECD, IEEE, Cravath, and Amazon Web Services, and supported by the Jain Family Institute and Arnold and Porter. This year, the dialogue will transpire under the aegis of the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili.

We look forward to bringing together past and new participants to advance and widen the global dialogue on:

  • trustworthy adoption of AI in conformity with human rights and democratic values;

  • effective enforcement of, and compliance with, AI laws and regulations;

  • implementation of AI international normative agreements; and

  • coordinated efforts for AI measurement and evaluation.

Non-OECD Eventhybrid

IGF 2022 WS #58 Realizing Trustworthy AI through Stakeholder Collaboration

From Nov 29, 2022 to Nov 29, 2022 EAT Organizer: U.S. Council for International Business
Room C-5 of the UN Conference Centre in Addis Ababa

Artificial Intelligence (AI) carries great promise for driving economic growth and improving our lives. This innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize how we live, work, learn, discover, and communicate. At the same time, there are growing concerns about the potential use – and misuse — of AI, which risks undermining personal privacy and online security protections, supporting decision-making biases that exacerbate social inequality, and causing disruptions in the labor market, among other possible pitfalls. The OECD’s ground-breaking AI Principles, adopted in 2019, aim to shape a stable policy environment at the international level to foster trust in and adoption of AI in society. The five values-based principles and five recommendations for government policymakers promote a human-centric approach to trustworthy AI to which all stakeholders are encouraged to aspire. This workshop will utilize the OECD AI Principles as a foundation for considering the technical and operational realities for all stakeholders in implementing tools and processes to ensure the trustworthy use of AI to realize economic development and social welfare needs. We will evaluate concrete examples of how business has endeavored to implement the Principles, consider the technical community’s views on appropriate AI standards, examine civil society’s perspective on using AI to realize the SDGs, and review government efforts to pursue the human-centric development of trustworthy AI. All speakers will reflect on the critical need for collaboration among the entire stakeholder community to realize trustworthy AI.