À propos de OCDE.AI

L'Observatoire des politiques de l'OCDE.AI combine des ressources provenant de toute l'OCDE et de ses partenaires de tous les groupes de parties prenantes. Il facilite le dialogue et fournit une analyse politique multidisciplinaire et factuelle et des données sur les domaines d’impact de l’IA.

What we do

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OECD.AI helps countries manage risks and reap benefits

OECD.AI is a forum where countries and stakeholder groups join forces to shape trustworthy AI. In 2019, it facilitated the OECD AI Principles, the first intergovernmental standard on AI. These principles also served as the basis for the G20 AI Principles.

A global hub for AI policy

OECD.AI’s tools, data and other AI policy resources are freely accessible to all actors and stakeholder groups in developed and developing countries.

A few priority topics are at the core of OECD.AI’s work programme:

  • AI risks and accountability,
  • Researching potential AI futures
  • Defining and tracking AI incidents,
  • “AI compute” capacity and the effects of AI on climate change.

OECD.AI combines resources from across the OECD, partners and stakeholder groups to create a one-stop-shop for AI policymakers and other actors.

OECD.AI brings stakeholders together

At the heart of its work is the OECD.AI Network of Experts, a multistakeholder group of over 250 AI experts worldwide that informs policy responses on emerging topics, from AI risk assessments to tools for implementing trustworthy AI and measuring national AI computing capacities.

The OECD.AI team also reviews how countries are implementing the Principles. At the same time, an OECD-wide project looks at AI in Work, Innovation, Productivity and Skills.