Pour éclairer les politiques, l'OCDE accueille favorablement les relations de coopération avec d'autres acteurs possédant une expertise technique, commerciale ou politique complémentaire. Il accueille les données et les informations sur les développements de l'IA avec un œil sur la portée internationale.

Partnerships & implementation

The development of AI is driven by activities and investments across a wide range of stakeholders, and a wealth of information, data and knowledge is therefore outside government. To understand developments in AI and to gather related data and knowledge, OECD.AI seeks cooperations with governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental actors with complementary and demonstrated data; technical, business or policy expertise; insight on AI developments; and a wide international reach.

Currently, OECD.AI is working closely with the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) in Slovenia, whose AI Lab is working with the OECD to provide live metrics on OECD.AI.

OECD.AI is also collaborating with, and leveraging data and information from Event Registry, Microsoft Research – which has developed Microsoft Academic Graph – as well as Elsevier, Github and LinkedIn.

OECD.AI is working with the European Commission, in the context of OECD.AI’s section on national AI policies and strategies.

OECD.AI also plans to cooperate with the International observatory on the societal impacts of artificial intelligence and digital technology (OBVIA) hosted by Université Laval in Canada, which has similar research interests and offers the potential to exchange with the dynamic AI ecosystem in Quebec.

Stakeholders who are interested in contributing to OECD.AI can contact the programme directly.

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OECD Partnerships & implementation
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OECD AI Meeting

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