photo of Alistair Knott

Alistair Knott

Professor of Artificial Intelligence - Victoria University of Wellington

AI Wonk contributor

Alistair Knott is Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Victoria University of Wellington. He has been an AI and computational linguistics researcher for 30 years. He studied Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford University, then obtained MSc and PhD degrees in AI at the University of Edinburgh, then moved to New Zealand, working first at Otago University and now at Victoria University of Wellington. He co-founded Otago University’s Centre for AI and Public Policy, where he worked on Government uses of AI, and on the impact of AI on jobs and work. He now co-leads the Global Partnership on AI’s project on Social Media Governance. Ali has also contributed to the Christchurch Call’s Algorithms Workstream, and has participated in working groups at the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.

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