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Benoît Bergeret

Executive Director - Metalab - ESSEC Business School

Working groupExpert Group on AI Futures
Stakeholder TypeBusiness
Former ONE AI participant
AI Wonk contributor

Benoit Bergeret is a veteran artificial intelligence entrepreneur with extensive experience developing and commercializing AI and digital technologies. Currently, he is associated with ESSEC Business School, where he teaches AI and leads the Metalab center for data, technology, and society. With broad international experience as an AI practitioner, Mr. Bergeret has worked with corporate clients of all sizes and geographies, and is also a seasoned startup founder in both Europe and the United States. With a Master’s degree in Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence at the Compiègne University of Technology, he has long served as an advisor on AI matters to the OECD, the French government, and major corporations in France and globally. Notably, Mr. Bergeret contributed to two reports on the French national AI strategy, one report on the French national metaverse strategy, and is frequently published in top-tier media outlets and interviews. He also authored a guidebook on the responsible adoption of AI for mid-size EU companies. He co-founded and is a board member of Hub France IA (French AI Hub), a non-profit industry group facilitating the French and European AI ecosystem.

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AI diffusion in firms: what do we know and what does it mean for policy?​

AI diffusion in firms: what do we know and what does it mean for policy?​

February 6, 2021clock60 mins

New and emerging applications of AI systems are proliferating, yet development, diffusion and use of AI technologies are still at a relatively early level of maturity across many countries and firms. This session aims to explore the current understanding and knowledge gaps on the dynamics and drivers of AI diffusion, the factors affecting diffusion and the type of AI used by firms. This will inform the development and implementation of a survey of AI use by business being carried out under the AI-WIPS project.

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