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Carolyn Nguyen

Director of Technology Policy - Microsoft 

Working groupExpert Group on AI risk and accountability
ONE AI Member

Carolyn Nguyen is Director, Technology Policy at Microsoft, focused on policy issues related to artificial intelligence, digital transformation and internet governance. Her work aims to shape technology policy globally, encouraging evidence-based policy making and raising awareness of the role of technology in economic growth, through participation in public policy dialogues, including at the OECD, UN, Internet Governance Forum, World Summit on Information Society, B20, and World Economic Forum. She works at the intersection of technology, economic development and policy, collaborating with researchers, subject-matter experts and others to encourage more holistic approaches to policy making.

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OECD.AI live data about AI jobs and skills and more

OECD.AI live data about AI jobs and skills and more

February 12, 2021clock4 mins

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