photo of Cristina Pombo

Cristina Pombo

Principal Advisor and Digital Lead, Social Sector Department - Inter-American Development Bank

Working groupExpert Group on AI Risk & Accountability
Stakeholder TypeIntergovernmental
ONE AI Member

Cristina is an economist with an emphasis on social policy working in the intersection of technology and government, ethics & AI. She advises the Manager and Division Chiefs of the IDB´s Social Sector on operational issues and digital transformation strategies in education, health, social protection, labor markets, gender, diversity, and migration. In this capacity, she spearheads initiatives that leverage digital technologies to improve social services such as fAIr LAC, the first public-private alliance for responsible use of artificial intelligence in the region.  She is part of the OECD Network of Experts on AI and a member of the Advisory Board of Northeastern University’s Artificial Intelligence Experiential Institute. Expert in Digital Transformation in Governments from the Harvard Kennedy School and in Data Ethics from the University of Michigan.

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