photo of Nicolas Miailhe

Nicolas Miailhe

Founder & President - The Future Society (TFS)

Working groupExpert Group on AI Risk & Accountability
Working groupExpert Group on AI Incidents
Stakeholder TypeCivil society
ONE AI Member

Nicolas Miailhe co-founded The Future Society (TFS) in 2014 and originally incubated it at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. The independent policy think-tank specializes in questions of impact and governance of Artificial Intelligence. TFS work centers on the Global Governance of AI, Responsible AI for Sustainable Development (RAI4SDG), and AI & The Rule of Law.

Nicolas is an appointed expert to the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) where he co-leads the Committee on Climate Action & Biodiversity Preservation, and also represents civil society on the GPAI Steering Committee. Nicolas is also an appointed expert to the OECD.AI Group of experts (ONE.AI and before that AIGO which developed the OECD AI Principles) where he is a member of the expert groups on implementing Trustworthy AI and on Policies for AI. He is also an appointee to the Global Council on Extended Intelligence (CXI), among others. Nicolas teaches at the Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences Po). He is also a member of three committees of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethically Aligned Design of Autonomous & Intelligent Systems, and a Fellow with the Center for the Governance of Change at IE Business School in Madrid.

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