Expert Roundtable on Generative AI – 31 May 2023

Intergovernmental  |  August 16, 2023

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Pursuant to the mandate given to the OECD by the G7, on 31 May 2023, the OECD.AI Policy Observatory and Strategic Foresight Unit held a virtual Expert Roundtable on Generative AI. The roundtable comprised the new OECD Expert Group on AI Futures, including its co-chairs, members of the secretariat, and membership candidates. The co-chairs are: • Francesca Rossi, IBM Fellow and AI Ethics Global Leader. • Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley and Director of the Centre for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence. • Michael Schönstein, Head of Strategic Foresight and Analysis, German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The discussion focused on three key questions: 1. Given ongoing discussions, how might governments consider rules for the controlled release of high-impact generative AI models and applications? To guide this, how can we better measure/assess the quality and accuracy of generative AI outputs? 2. How can we promote regulatory experimentation that benefits countries and companies? 3. How can we better measure/assess the capabilities of generative AI relative to humans? How do we measure/assess how these capabilities could impact societies and labour markets?

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