Présentation des tendances et données

OECD.AI compare les réponses politiques apportées au développement de l’IA et fournit des données et mesures en rapport afin d’éclairer les politiques publiques.

Keeping abreast of developments and trends in a rapidly evolving field like AI is a critical yet challenging endeavour. Measurement work on AI development and adoption is taking place across the OECD in areas that include AI-related scientific publications, R&D funding, patents, open-source software, private equity investments in AI start-ups and more. Along with many partner institutions, the OECD is also beginning work to develop a broad common understanding of what is AI for measurement purposes. The goal of this work is to take stock of existing approaches to classify and quantify AI and work towards a broad agreement on an approach to quantify AI consistently across domains.

As more formal methodological and measurement work proceeds, AI diffusion and adoption are evolving rapidly. OECD.AI also shows live data from partners from several high quality vantage points to help inform policy makers’ AI strategies and policy initiatives in a timely manner. Interactive visualisations of live data illustrate AI developments and allow for country and regional comparisons. These include:

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