Repository of open science initiatives to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a global crisis where open science and AI policies have the potential to save lives. Scientists can accelerate the use of AI to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by doing the following:

  • Share data models and publications,
  • Ensure adequate computing resources for collaborative platforms,
  • Crowdsource ideas and funding.

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AI technologies are being leveraged to manage the COVID-19 outbreak as governments ask experts to help find solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.

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A repository of AI resources related to Covid-19

Below is a repository of AI/COVID-19 related policy initiatives. It includes open science commitments, collaborative platforms, data and publication repositories.

The list is crowd-sourced by calls to the AI community and therefore not vetted by the OECD.

Please help if you know of any important projects that are not currently listed, please send a message with the necessary information to .

Last updated 28th April 2020

The authors are Alan Paic, OECD Senior Policy Analyst for Science and Technology Policies and Laura Galindo in the OECD Artificial Intelligence Policy Observatory team. The authors acknowledge inputs received from CODATA; European Commission, DG Research and Innovation; the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, National Academies of Sciences, USA; Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; NISTEP Japan, Research Data Alliance; M. Stankovic (Tambourine Ventures, USA); V. Stodden (University of Illinois, USA).

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