OECD.AI combines resources from across the OECD, partners and stakeholder groups to create a one-stop-shop for AI policymakers. At the heart of its work is the OECD.AI Network of Experts.


OECD.AI Launch
27th February 2020 AI Policy Observatory Launch. OECD, Paris, France Photos OECD/ Michael Dean

The OECD AI Policy Observatory (OECD.AI) is the primary vector for OECD governments and countries worldwide to put the OECD AI Principles into practice.

In  May 2019, OECD countries adopted the Recommendation on Artificial Intelligence, the OECD AI Principles, the first intergovernmental standard on AI. The OECD AI Principles provided the basis for the G20 AI Principles endorsed by Leaders in June 2019. Since then, a range of countries worldwide has adhered to the Principles.

The OECD’s proven record for evidence-based decision-making

For over 60 years, the OECD has formulated policy recommendations based on evidence-based decisions, robust data and analysis. As part of this, OECD.AI is a unique source for research, data and visualisations of AI trends and developments. It features a database of AI policies from almost 70 countries, a unique resource for governments to compare AI policy responses and share good practices.

The OECD connects policy silos

The OECD provides expertise and guidance upstream of the policy development cycle – often in the form of common frameworks and principles. OECD initiatives bring together different policy communities to tackle multidisciplinary topics, such as AI and corporate governance or AI and energy systems.